HTS High Temperature 225°C Sleeve ()

Single-Sided Printable Heat shrink Sleeves 2:1 Ratio

High temperature rated, flexible, highly flame retardant, polyvinylidene fluoride printable sleeves. Excellent chemical and mechanical properties with low friction surface. This sleeving is suitable in applications where extreme temperatures and exposure to harsh chemicals can be found. Markers are supplied in ladder form on a roll, having been conditioned for printing with our range of SumiTag printers and qualified ribbons.

Main Attributes

✓ Flame retardant
✓ Self-extinguishing

Further properties
• Flame Retardant to UL224 VW-1
• Print onto Paper Liner for QA
• Backwards compatible for most printers
• Perforation after every sleeve for easy sorting
• Print performance to Military Specifications
• 12.5mm, 25mm & 50mm Lengths
• Colour – white

Industry Standards:
• UL224 VW-1 Flammability
• REACH Compliant
• RoHS Compliant
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