HVT Temperature/Fluid Resistant Sleeve (HVT)

Continuous Printable Heat shrink Sleeves 2:1 Ratio

HVT is a rubber based, highly fluid resistant, flame retardant fluor elastomer heat shrinkable tubing which meets all the material and functional requirements of military specification.

HVT is recommended for applications where resistance to aggressive solvent and high temperatures is required. HVT is ideally suited for high temperature wire and cable markers and identification in applications such as aircraft engine environments. HVT also meet the stringent outgassing requirements of NASA SP-R-0022A.


- Flame retardant

Further properties
- Highly Fluid Resistant
- High Temperature Range
- Meets NASA SP-R-022A
- Ideal for Engine Identification
- In-line/Continuous Printing Method
- Variable Marker Lengths with Cutter Option
- Continuous Operating Temp. -55°C to 200°C
- Min. Shrink Temperature 150°C

Industry Standards:
- BS 6746 C
- MIL-R-46846, Type III, Class 1
- BS 4G198, Part 3, Type 12A
- NASA SP-R-0022A
- DEF STAN 59-97, Type 4a
- REACH Compliant
- RoHS Compliant
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