LFC Low Fire Hazard Sleeve (LFC)

Continuous Printable Heatshrink Sleeves 2:1 Ratio

Flame retardant, zero halogen, low smoke, low toxicity radiation cross linked UV stabilised and printable polyolefin. Ideal where limited fire hazard properties are de-facto standard. Typical use in mass transit, marine and industrial installations where human life is at risk. Meets London Underground Limited Standard 1-085. Markers are supplied in continuous roll form in a flattened format, having been conditioned for printing with our range of SUMiTAG single and double sided thermal transfer printers and approved ribbons

Main Attributes

- Flame retardant
- Low smoke
- Zero halogen
- Self-extinguishing

Further properties
- Meets BS6853 - Vehicle Cat. 1A
- Meets LUL STANDARD 1-085
- Meets Def. Stan. 59-97 Issue 3, Type 8
- Print performance to Military Specifications
- Continuous reel format
- Variable length of sleeves as required
- Colours - white and yellow as standard

Industry Standards:
- EN 45545-2 R24 (HL1, HL2 & HL3)
- LUL 1-085
- LUL 2-01001-002 (E1042A6)
- BS6853 Cat. 1a
- DEF STAN 59-97, Type 8
- REACH Compliant
- RoHS Compliant
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