RPL Raised Panel Label (RPL)

Robust Adhesive Backed Panel Labels

PL (Raised Panel) Labels are innovative labels specifically designed to replace engraved and plotted plates for the identification of electrical components, electrical cabinets, push button, patch panels, etc. RPL labels save time and money by allowing you to print name plates exactly when you want them rather than having to order pre-printed name plates and holding stock. This process is a least 7 to 10 times faster than engraving and delivers up to 50 percent cost reduction. If you would rather hand everything over to us, we offer a fast 24/48/72 hour Pre-Print Service. Simply email us your schedules and we will do the rest.
Main Attributes
Further properties
• Good resistance; scratching, smearing and rubbing
• Excellent UV resistance on printed image
• High tack adhesive, suitable for uneven surfaces
• Easier and faster than engraved metal plates
• White, Yellow, Silver - Other colours on request
• Good resistance against alcohols and diesel oils
• Glossy topcoat for a smart and professional look
• Silicone Free
Industry Standards:
• BS 3G198, Part 2, Type 7
• REACH Compliant
• RoHS Compliant

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