STP-300 SQUIX Thermal Printer ()

High Performance Thermal Printer for SumiTag Range

A robust range of universal thermal transfer printers manufactured for industrial applications and offering excellent print definition and mark permanence. Designed to work in high volume environments whether standalone or as part of a 'print and apply' application. This printer is suitable for a wide range of media including heat shrink sleeves (both ladder and continuous format), high specification tie-on cable labels, adhesive panel labels, as well as self-laminating labels and polyester labels. The Squix range of printers work best with our market leading SumiLabel Software which is optimised for harness building, cable and asset marking.

Main Attributes

Further properties
✓ Colour Touch Screen Navigation Panel
✓ Movable, See-through and Reflective Sensor
✓ 300 & 600 Dpi models available
✓ Robust housing, with media window
✓ Mid-centered automatic print positioning
✓ Memory card for standalone use (non PC reliant) ✓ Ethernet & USB as standard for network printing ✓ Fully compatible with SumiTag System
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