Railway Product

Air Springs

Sumitomo Electric has been providing various types of Air Springs to domestic and international customers for more than 50 years, based on the latest technology developed over the years. Especially for high-speed train “Shinkansen” Sumitomo is a leading company as a chief designer and a main supplier.

Contact Wire

Sumitomo Electric has been providing high quality contact wire since 1914, based on latest technology of copper and copper alloy casting, rolling and drawing. We have been the largest supplier of contact wire in Japan for many years. Our high-strength Cu-Sn copper alloy contact wire is suitable for high-speed railway and it has been installed in “Shinkansen” and “Taiwan High-Speed Railway” etc.


Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has developed the Halogen free wire which has flame retardant, low toxicity and smoke insulation system based on EN50264-3-1 standard applied to fixed internal/external wiring for rolling stocks.

✓ EN 50264-3-1:2008 standard
✓ Halogen free, Flame resistance, Low smoke emission
✓ Heat/Cold, Oil resistance

Fire Resistant Cable

Fire Resistant Cable to be used primarily in fire detection, fire alarm, voice alarm, and emergency lighting circuits. Our fire-resistant cable is designed to maintain excellent circuit integrity during fire condition. It can continue to operate for a period of time in a fire condition and ensure that emergency systems in the buildings continue to operate even in the most extreme fire conditions.
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